Key Features of a Good CMMS Program

An efficient CMMS must include tools that can take care of any type of maintenance issue within an organization. It must allow you to track and destroy issues before they become complicated. Such software must be able to automatically find avenues for improvements if there are any red flags.

This is why robust GMAO software will ensure that your business is always organized. It will help to actively keep track of your company’s assets and promote collaboration.

An active CMMS will help you store data concerning your assets. With such a solution, you’ll have no use for traditional spreadsheets. Post-it notes will be a thing of the past when it comes to maintenance management.

3 Key CMMS Features you Need to Know

  • Automatically Tracking Your Work Order

An essential feature of a CMMS is the work order management module. You can issue and track work orders on your system, and monitor their progress efficiently. This way, all tasks will be performed accordingly and in record time. If there’s a challenge, you’ll be able to determine what or who’s responsible for what happened as well as the actions that triggered it.

  • Task Templates are Reusable

The Yumen CMMS program will allow you to create reusable task templates. With these templates, you can create work orders for jobs that occur frequently as a matter of priority. This, in turn, cuts down the time put into providing directives for work orders one by one. This software has made creating task templates that are reusable easy.

  • Easily Share Statistical Data With Upper Management

A CMMS program ensures that tracking maintenance operations is much easier for higher management. This can be achieved by sharing statistical data through the reporting module of the Yumen GMAO. This way they’ll be aware of important data that the management must track. This includes downtime, maintenance, and work orders. This will help your management team comprehend how your maintenance initiative looks and determine which areas need improvement.

Are you interested in seeing how efficiently CMMS software can make maintenance be? If yes is your answer, contact Yuman today.

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